Sound Walk

I decided to listen to Janet Cardiff’s  Her Long Black Hair, sound walk for my first A&V assignment. I’ve never listened to a sound walk in Central Park before and I was quite fascinated.  It was interesting to experience objects the author pointed out in real-time. I used a professional pair of noise cancelling headphones and I felt engaged and completely present in Janet Cardiff’s story. Overall, it was a partially good experience; I’m glad I visited the park during daylight. The story was somewhat eerie and I found myself looking around during certain moments. I also wanted to understand more about the long black hair character and why Janet choose to retrace the places she visited in the photos – (I figured this out midway into the story). For me, the authors behavior and tone felt obsessive but I was completely in character and acquiescent to her instructions. There were also interesting sub-stories that worked well in the park.

I got lost trying to find the Arch. I’m sure I inadvertently made a wrong turn.  It wasn’t a huge deal, I just paused the audio and googled my way back to the path. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to experience the end of the walk. Ralph Lauren hosted a show by the Angels (Track 5) for Fashion Week — police officers blocked everything north of Rumsey Playfield. Also, I wasn’t dressed for the event (or invited) so I decided to head home. 

Lastly… my group and I created sound files for our audio walk. The unedited files are here.