Collect sounds for a 3-5 minute sound walk to a specific location inside of 721 Broadway. 

Our group decided to record different door sounds throughout the building and met later in the week to discuss placement of the recordings.  Unfortunately, we ran into minor trouble because we had a bunch of content without intent. We were so excited to compile audio using the Z00m recorder that we completely neglected the purpose of the soundwalk- the storyline! The group made a decision after much deliberation, we agreed to use the sound of doors as a representation of uncertainty; the idea of being lost and not knowing what’s behind any given door. Different sound effects were also added to intensify  the feeling of fear and anxiety — this all aligned well with our title, “Lost”.  Ultimately, our approach worked out well and our narrative arc fell right into place. The idea is to create a unique experience each time the listener enters the elevator and exists on a random floor to complete the walk. The sounds mirror events, activities and randomness related to each floor. Creating an unknown outcome was completely intentional. 

We also created an infographic guide in two different flavors – text and Braille, to ensure an interactive and inclusive experience for everyone in the class. 


guide w/o graphics
braille side of guide


design 2 – guide with graphics


Final design

Sidebar: The title “Lost” was created from a real experience! We were actually lost for almost 20 minutes during the soundwalk. We inspected every floor in the building collecting content and completely lost track of direction in the process. We found our way back to ITP only after we asked security. Honestly, I really enjoyed being lost with my group and I believe it was the initial framework for our story!  

In the end, our group created a fun, interactive, creepy and playful soundwalk.

BEWARE and Enjoy! 

mmm hmmm har har har (spooky laugh?)


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  1. Evy says:

    I loved this. I really enjoyed the experience in the park for an assignment that was similar to this.

    Your thought process was very focused on details.

    You gave a chilling experience of being lost. Then being found was so happy.

    I honestly felt like you mended sound to create a story without words. Hats off to you.

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