Rough Cut

This week my group focused on organizing and delegating tasks. We figured out who was really good at a particular thing and assigned responsibilities according to our skills and interest. We sorted the following tasks:

Shot list
Selecting the music
Cuts in Premiere
Script writing
Scrap voice over
Branding & design

I researched several royalty free music sites for background music and narrowed the selection down to three. Also, writing a script for a pharmaceutical commercial is disturbing. Although part of our commercial has a satiric tone, the adverse effects of real medication isĀ  alarming. Here’s some research on the side effects of a popular anti-depressant:


Gabriella wrote the script and voice-over, FenFen focused on branding and cuts and I worked on sound effects and music. I have some ideas for text placement and branding in the video; using this commercial for inspiration:

More to come…