[Final Video] Emotional IQ

I had so much fun with this project. It was an informative learning experience and Marina’s feedback during our early stages into completion was critical.

Thank you Gabriella and FenFen for your hard work and dedication to our project.

Also, a tremendous thank you to the actors who made our video possible.

Actors: Amanda Wallace and Rel Holla

Voiceover Actor: Evelyse Fung

Music: Alumo Royalty Free Music – Cinematic Inspirational Music Instrumental


Thank you!

Sound Walk

I decided to listen to Janet Cardiff’s  Her Long Black Hair, sound walk for my first A&V assignment. I’ve never listened to a sound walk in Central Park before and I was quite fascinated.  It was interesting to experience objects the author pointed out in real-time. I used a professional pair of noise cancelling headphones and I felt engaged and completely present in Janet Cardiff’s story. Overall, it was a partially good experience; I’m glad I visited the park during daylight. The story was somewhat eerie and I found myself looking around during certain moments. I also wanted to understand more about the long black hair character and why Janet choose to retrace the places she visited in the photos – (I figured this out midway into the story). For me, the authors behavior and tone felt obsessive but I was completely in character and acquiescent to her instructions. There were also interesting sub-stories that worked well in the park.

I got lost trying to find the Arch. I’m sure I inadvertently made a wrong turn.  It wasn’t a huge deal, I just paused the audio and googled my way back to the path. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to experience the end of the walk. Ralph Lauren hosted a show by the Angels (Track 5) for Fashion Week — police officers blocked everything north of Rumsey Playfield. Also, I wasn’t dressed for the event (or invited) so I decided to head home. 

Lastly… my group and I created sound files for our audio walk. The unedited files are here.