Week 1- Create your own screen drawing

I’d like to call myself a technologist, really. I always find ways to involve technology into all of my interests. Music, coding, urban planning, social issues, photography, video and fashion integrate computation in some shape or form for me. For example, I’m interested in researching ways to develop a music recommender system using data visualization. Additionally, I’d like to work with video and coding. I’m not particularly sure how this would work, but I’m super interested. There are so many projects that I’ve reviewed that are truly amazing – mainly the visualization and net art works. I started a project of my own this weekend- creating a screen drawing using P5 and 2D primitive shapes for my ICM class. I began with a simple drawing on a piece of paper using one rectangle. I tried to create shapes and ideas in my mind to transfer but I fell short. In my head, I saw this abstract masterpiece of many shapes and vibrant colors. After 15 minutes, I decided to close my book and try something else. I installed the text editor, Brackets and ran into issues with the default index file. I installed the P5.Js web editor and everything changed! I’ve coded in the past; I even have a web development certification but P5 works differently in that it provides instant gratification using immediate visual feedback. This works perfectly for my learning style. I started again using a few shapes, testing each position, size and various background colors until I rendered a pink background (my favorite color). I created another rectangle using the web editor; do I like to play it safe? Initially, I ran into problems positioning a smaller ellipse inside of a larger ellipse but I eventually figured out the precise locations through testing. In the end, my sketch grew into something totally different from what I imaged but it works for me– the Teemobile was born and all is well in the world.

Paper sketch