Week 2- Interactive

Prototype of Mr. Smiley

I really wish I had something more exciting to show you. Yesterday was so weird; Murphy’s law x 100. I decided to make an interactive sun to help cheer me up and change the energy around me. I had a great idea in my head (as always). My sun would beam rays and smile right at you, possibly even wink. I even considered clouds moving in the opposite direction of the sun. I started with a simple ellipse and worked the background colors in. I sketched the eyes and figured out the right positioning after trial and error in the web editor. I ran into great difficulties with the smile; I couldn’t get the line to curve like a half circle so I used arc instead. I wouldn’t call it the best option but my guy is smiling. I also ran into trouble with the eyes, they aren’t synchronized with smiley. I couldn’t get mouseX to work correctly; I’ll need to figure this out…

Weird Smiley