Week 3- Collaboration

Week 3


This week we worked on ruled- based animation, motion, and interaction. We were paired in two’s and had to swap and integrate our work. My partner Vince and I were off to a great start. We had great ideas – a robot named Jordan who would release a ball with the MousePressed function. We spent a significant amount of time testing the balls release and in the end, we both decided to slam-dunk the robot for a different idea.

Robot Jordan

Our second iteration was a game, one bouncing ball with two sticks. The goal of the game was to get the ball through the sticks. Easy enough, we thought. Yeah, we were both wrong. It was actually harder than robot Jordan. We were able to get the ball to bounce but overall, the objective was to allow the ball straight through the sticks or loop back to have the user try again.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPAOESldVVo[/embedyt]

Game on!

Our final attempt was simple; Vince sent me his sketch of “Winter WonderLand” A cool ellipse with a MousePressed snowy background function. I added a blue background function and never want to look at that code again.


Winter WonderLand
More winter, more problems
Collabo code
Collabo code

I could hear robot Jordan calling me as I closed my laptop. I decided to play around with my code a bit and figured out how to add a function to robot Jordan’s heart. He lives, he’s alive.