Final Project Proposals

For my final project, I decided to focus on my moony work from week 8. Ultimately, I’d like to turn the spheres into DJ turntables and playback two selected songs. Additionally, a crossfader switching between songs would be AMAZING.


I already have two songs in mind to play; they’re actually looping uncontrollably in my head right now. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken the P-COMP class this semester using Arduino, so I miss out on the physical component of the project. I might be able to self-learn with YouTube, depending on how much time and effort I put into independent learning. I’ve always been interested in music and I’ve decided to incorporate music into every project or design at ITP- data and music, where applicable. Music will always be a primary inspiration for me; after all, music is life… I researched some basic turntable mockups online and I really like the cartoonish look.


I want to continue to use the directionallLight function and WEBGL without losing light quality hopefully, the image synchronizes successfully. Right now the proposed title is “Music is Life” and I look forward to making this project an interactive, fun and simple program for people of all ages to use! Even my 90+ year-old grandmother!


Side note- I’d like to add a data source to pull the lyrics of the songs or the artist info but I’m not sure how to incorporate this yet…