Light — Let there be light! — Chakra 2050

I collaborated with classmates to build on a light sculpture/light installation piece. We agreed on a critical environmental issue, water pollution. The data is actually terrifying; “our drinkable water sources are finite: Less than 1 percent of the earth’s freshwater is actually accessible to us.” Water is essential to human life, I can’t believe preservation is even debatable – its baffling! For our first assignment, we used a fish tank, sand, water and props to represent the ocean and added trash to emulate pollution. For light, we used chakra elements to represent each light as a form of energy; there are 7 chakra colors and 7 pieces of trash in the tank . Each piece of trash represents an element of energy by way of the chakra color spectrum. Starting at the bottom or root is the color red, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue indigo and violet. Each color has a unique purpose and specific energy properties.

Early prototyping…







We used a glowing jellyfish to represent marine life and instructed our fellow classmates to remove the trash from the fish tank. The side LED light corresponds with the chakra points and changed during trash removal.


Final installation