Augmented reality — Dance Off!!!

Software: Unity, Adobe Mixamo, Adobe Fuse.


  • Dance off between two animations.
  • Taunting character chat during movements.
  • Loser blows up at the end.


  • Unable to make transition to change dance movements.
  • Objects looks 2D.
  • Characters don’t really scale on target image.


I used a Keith Haring piece as the target image for my animations because I’m a huge fan of Haring’s work and figured the design would work well as a target. I had huge problems with scaling and balance for both characters. Additionally, I FINALLY realized the dance movements weren’t transitioning because I only looped the movement one way! Unity is a steep learning curve but practice makes it easier each time. Both characters were created in Adobe Fuse and exported to Adobe Mixamo for rigging and animation.