Switches and LED circuits – C2

I spent a lot of time thinking about a simple switch application. Danny covered a great amount of material in class and I was inspired to run home and build. My first idea was to recreate a painting of a Baby’s Breath flower on canvas I made several months ago. I thought of replacing the blooms with LED’s but it was complex and outside of the scope of what I’ve learned so far. I also tried using graphite as a conductor but that didn’t work either. I reached out to one of our resourceful residents,  Ari who helped me create a simple switch using copper foil tape (thanks Ari!)


See circuit below:

I cannot draw. No seriously, I can’t draw. So what do you think came to mind for this assignment? Drawing, of course! I’m not sure why I like to torture myself, but I’m a firm believer in learning from mistakes and failures. It strengthens your character and frankly, there is a great lesson in “can’t” and it is CAN. Can’t is such a vile word – it limits our true potential. CAN’T shouldn’t exist… especially when Google is accessible for most people.


So that’s what I did. I Googled, “How to Draw a Lamppost” and found a step-by step guide for drawing my first lamppost. I don’t mean to boast but its pretty decent for a novice!


I installed an LED in the lamppost head and ran two copper tape strips down the back of the drawing to activate the lights. This didn’t work so I replaced the tape with aluminum foil and it was a success! Check it out below.