[Midterm idea] A blast from the past [ICM]

We were asked to incorporate ICM work with Pcomp for the midterm assignment. Its been well over a year since ICM but I’m still pretty excited to refresh my mind and revisit some of my old projects from my ICM days… I was obsessed with Kanye West last year for some odd reason; way before his recent comments in the media about well.. everything. Needless to say, Ye’s been under harsh criticism lately – and rightfully so.  Millions of people look up to Kanye West, particularly the youth  – to go even deeper, young black children. Trust me I get it, it’s not a rappers job to play a positive role model for kids but it’s crucial for entertainers to have an awareness of their direct impact and influence, on and off-screen. I’m not interested in judging Kanye’s political views;  we have the right to support who we want to support. But there’s a huge difference between free thought and trolling…

Anyway, Kanye is the subject of my Midterm assignment. I plan to use a potentiometer to manipulate an image of Ye in P5.  The pot will control several behaviors and I’ll add a final touch at the end of the potentiometer reading.

How does this all play into a “Halloween Themed” project? Well, aside from Kanye’s scary ass behavior lately, the potentiometer will also control spooky sounds. Additionally, I plan to have two bright red LED eyes on the base of my device. If this all works out, it will be super cool!