Make America Great [Again]- Spider Bae

Quick note: This isn’t an attack on Kanye West, I appreciate and admire him as a human and artist. One of the things I love most about him is the passion and love he puts into his work and what he believes in. He doesn’t conform and I highly respect that. However, he needs to understand the power of his platform; it’s impactful and people are listening, particularly children. Kanye’s recent rants in the media makes my head feel like it could literally explode. Honestly, I’m returning the favor.


Midterm and process below:


Here’s the code:

I used a JPEG image online and converted it to .PNG (thanks FenFen).  I also modified a few sound files in Adobe Premier to use as background audio in the web editor. Initially, I ran into trouble getting the potentiometer to communicate with P5. Danny and Ari also helped me figure out a few coding errors.  There are still minor issues but its pretty functional for the most part.


Things I would change:

  • Find a way to make spider bae more interactive. The potentiometer was a great tool for P5 and Arduino connectivity but user interaction was limited after the explosion.
  • Functional in full screen mode – I had issues rendering the P5 sketch in full mode.