My Data Feelings

ASSIGNMENT 3 (DUE: WEEK 04, 25 FEB 2019)

For this weeks assignment, I decided to build my data feelings app  around my daily goals. I love to do lists and task management apps. Lists allow me to hold myself accountable and I also enjoy the feeling of completing a goal and marking it done. In Making Sense of Data, the author mentioned “cultivating a habit” as one of the five common styles or purposes for self-tracking. Although habit tracking techniques are more about forming habits that support a desired outcome, I believe to do lists also relate (indirectly )to developing habits and/or identifying motivators. I create to do lists with the intention of completing a task (desired outcome) and I’m highly motivated when items are closed…  Habit tracking, yes?!

I followed the extremely helpful “how to video” Joey emailed last week and updated the data model with my own parameters using the default visuals. I ran into trouble modifying the event listener for a new range; the example code was identical but I believe I saved the modified code outside of a loop somewhere in another file. I figured things out after several hours and a quick  suggestion from Joey.

Update: I decided to track my emotions during this homework assignment because I experienced a range of different feelings while troubleshooting errors and breaking things along the way. The final output is a generative data visualization of my emotions  while working on assignment #3. Interestingly enough, I noticed similarities in certain shapes when I adjusted the range for “frustrated” vs “happy”.