Interaction I

I’ve been stuck for some time trying to figure out exactly what I want out of this project. What should it look like? How does it feel? How long will it take to build? I read Interaction Design Sketchbook by Bill Verplank for clarity and I realized I needed to shift  my thinking. I’m not a designer, so when I think in that capacity I over think  and spend a significant amount of time, wasting time. I’m a thinker, a creative – which means  my safe space is outside of the box often and at times, there isn’t even a box!

“Questions of Interaction Design” Bill Verplank


I’m approaching this project from a different perspective, with focus on “How do you DO?, How do you FEEL? and How do you know?” Placing emphasis on how  it works and less about aesthetics at this stage.

How do you DO?– I want buttons for full control and independence. The user should effortlessly press and use on command, without thought or much complexity.

How do you FEEL? How does this device communicate with the end-user. I’d like to evoke emotions in real-time. If the end-user is sad, this system should reflect sadness. Emotion Pushbutton/Sensor (How do you DO) trigger minor or major scales. For example, a user is happy – the sensor detects happiness and renders one of the 12 major scales:

Happy = output C Major (C, B, E, F, G, A, B, C)

How do you KNOW? I’d like a path based system (without steps). I want this experience to be an ongoing process;  actionable, experimental, expressive and free.  Move at your own pace and ability.

7-axis dimension space diagram

Priority features: Ease of use, mobility and independence.

Target audience. Open