Heart Project

This week I ran into a lot of challenges with my conductive rubber cord stretch sensors. I used a heart plush prototype to test the resistance of an FSR sensor and hot glue/cyanoacrylate glue to mend the rubber to the fabric “valves”. Initially, this worked well but the jumper cables began to snap with medium force.




The FSR sensor will  start the melody mapped from Ableton Live. I created a scene with several tracks. Each track has 4 different clips.

FSR Sensor:  Melody
Valve 1: Drums
Valve 2: Bass
Valve 3: Sound Effects
Valve 4: Vocals

End user will squeeze the heart to start the melody (loop)
User will pull valve one for  drum. Drum loops until the user pulls valve one  again to select a different drum pattern. This occurs for each valve until a cohesive beat is created.

Ultimately, I’d like to use silicone to sculpt an anatomical heart but its been difficult searching for a realistic (large) heart mold online.


LALA LAB Idea Poster for heartBeats. Valve vessel music structure