Family Matters

I communicate with my immediate family often. I try to reach out by phone, text, email or social media every few days or every day if possible. Family support typically provides essential needs in our lives from love, security, a sense of belonging and so much more. Usually, It’s the acceptance of our first social group – and gives us the tools we need to become well rounded adults. I decided to arbitrarily record a phone call a day over the course of one week to visually represent conversations with my family.

I made the calls with a cell phone and created a voice memo for each call using an iPhone. The audio files were transcribed using textEdit and analyzed using Python and Juypter notebook. I used the “Counter” object to count the number of times a word occurred in each call starting with the “main file” which is a compilation of all of the recordings.

Here are the most commonly used words overall. I used another object called “stopwords” to filter out frequently used English words that I didn’t want included in the results.

Really (12)
Love (12)
Wanted (11)
Day (10)
Back (10)
One (10)
People (10)
Later (9)
Eat (9)
Everything (9)

Additionally, I counted the words of each single call —

20 (5)
Years (5)
Morning (4)
Eat (4)
Nice (4)

Speak (6)
Watching (5)
Neighbor (5)
Wants (2)
Bye (2)

Gonna (3)
Look (3)
Alright (3)
Speaker (2)
Sending (2)

We: (5)
Really: (5)
Lightning (5)
Year (3)
Everything (3)

People (9)
Privilige (6)
White (5)
Chick-Fill-a (5)

Move (3)
Wanted (3)
Morning (2)
Last (2)
Night (2)

Man (6)
Back (6)
Everything (5)
One (4)
Pain (4)

I used lime green to point out the commonly used words and large font types to display significant words during the conversations.

Pops: Sunday September 15th 11:12AM
Cler: Monday, September 16th at 3:39PM
Amir: Tuesday, September 17th 10:00AM
Better things to do

Evy: Wednesday, September 18th 2:17PM

Mom: Thursday, September 19th 8:15AM
Nana: Friday, September 20th 8:33AM
Kim: Saturday, September 21st Noonish