Make America Great [Again]- Spider Bae

Quick note: This isn’t an attack on Kanye West, I appreciate and admire him as a human and artist. One of the things I love most about him is the passion and love he puts into his work and what he believes in. He doesn’t conform and I highly respect that. However, he needs to understand the power of his platform; it’s impactful and people are listening, particularly children. Kanye’s recent rants in the media makes my head feel like it could literally explode. Honestly, I’m returning the favor.


Midterm and process below:


Here’s the code:

I used a JPEG image online and converted it to .PNG (thanks FenFen).  I also modified a few sound files in Adobe Premier to use as background audio in the web editor. Initially, I ran into trouble getting the potentiometer to communicate with P5. Danny and Ari also helped me figure out a few coding errors.  There are still minor issues but its pretty functional for the most part.


Things I would change:

  • Find a way to make spider bae more interactive. The potentiometer was a great tool for P5 and Arduino connectivity but user interaction was limited after the explosion.
  • Functional in full screen mode – I had issues rendering the P5 sketch in full mode.

[Midterm idea] A blast from the past [ICM]

We were asked to incorporate ICM work with Pcomp for the midterm assignment. Its been well over a year since ICM but I’m still pretty excited to refresh my mind and revisit some of my old projects from my ICM days… I was obsessed with Kanye West last year for some odd reason; way before his recent comments in the media about well.. everything. Needless to say, Ye’s been under harsh criticism lately – and rightfully so.  Millions of people look up to Kanye West, particularly the youth  – to go even deeper, young black children. Trust me I get it, it’s not a rappers job to play a positive role model for kids but it’s crucial for entertainers to have an awareness of their direct impact and influence, on and off-screen. I’m not interested in judging Kanye’s political views;  we have the right to support who we want to support. But there’s a huge difference between free thought and trolling…

Anyway, Kanye is the subject of my Midterm assignment. I plan to use a potentiometer to manipulate an image of Ye in P5.  The pot will control several behaviors and I’ll add a final touch at the end of the potentiometer reading.

How does this all play into a “Halloween Themed” project? Well, aside from Kanye’s scary ass behavior lately, the potentiometer will also control spooky sounds. Additionally, I plan to have two bright red LED eyes on the base of my device. If this all works out, it will be super cool!


Make something [NYC Police Sirens]

I also followed the book for this exercise; I seem to retain more information when I read examples directly from the Arduino projects book.  I switch between the resources online and the physical book – this is extremely useful and helpful for me. I used a Pushbutton switch and three LED’s (red, blue, white), 3 220 OHM resistors, and 1 10 K ohm resistor to replicate NYC police sirens. The code was pretty straight forward but I added an extra 100 delay to create the flickering effect between the white and blue LED’s.

Make something C4/C5

I was able to get through a few labs but I ran into problems with the servo motor control project. I started with the web version and decided to work on the example in the book, which I found easier to comprehend. I followed the project line for line this time around to avoid mistakes but I still ran into trouble. Initially, I wanted to build a small menu with three food options for dinner. An arrow would cover the servo arm, similar to  the Mood cue example.

Ingredients: 3 Male header pins, 1 Potentiometer, 1 Servo Motor, Motor arm and 2 100UF capacitors. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get it working so I had an apple for dinner. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I followed the code line for line, I’m not sure why it isn’t functional. The servo motor starts as soon as I upload Arduino however, the serial monitor returns weird values. I’m sure this is incorrect and I’ll need to ask Danny for guidance.



Loud Flower

Music, I have arrived! I’m excited about this project, although I couldn’t figure out how to import the pitches.h library until I disconnected the Arduino. I was feeling a bit nostalgic and wanted to play the Super Mario theme song through my 8ohm speaker.

Ingredients used: 1 220 resistor, 1 force-sensing resistor, 1 8 ohm speaker.

I used a custom-made picture frame designed by my grandmother to hold the speaker in place (hey Nana!). The sound isn’t great but it works and that alone is music to my ears…


Switches and LED circuits – C2

I spent a lot of time thinking about a simple switch application. Danny covered a great amount of material in class and I was inspired to run home and build. My first idea was to recreate a painting of a Baby’s Breath flower on canvas I made several months ago. I thought of replacing the blooms with LED’s but it was complex and outside of the scope of what I’ve learned so far. I also tried using graphite as a conductor but that didn’t work either. I reached out to one of our resourceful residents,  Ari who helped me create a simple switch using copper foil tape (thanks Ari!)


See circuit below:

I cannot draw. No seriously, I can’t draw. So what do you think came to mind for this assignment? Drawing, of course! I’m not sure why I like to torture myself, but I’m a firm believer in learning from mistakes and failures. It strengthens your character and frankly, there is a great lesson in “can’t” and it is CAN. Can’t is such a vile word – it limits our true potential. CAN’T shouldn’t exist… especially when Google is accessible for most people.


So that’s what I did. I Googled, “How to Draw a Lamppost” and found a step-by step guide for drawing my first lamppost. I don’t mean to boast but its pretty decent for a novice!


I installed an LED in the lamppost head and ran two copper tape strips down the back of the drawing to activate the lights. This didn’t work so I replaced the tape with aluminum foil and it was a success! Check it out below.